Next Stop Amsterdam

April 12, 2016

Next Stop Amsterdam


I Fly Nonstop has partnered with Portland’s Urban Bliss Life Blog Influencer, Marlynn Jayme Schotland, to getaway to Amsterdam on Delta’s nonstop flight this weekend! Our very own Pacific Northwest travel and lifestyle blogger will highlight just how easy it is to escape from Keep Portland Weird to a similar, but also different romantic, vibrant Amsterdam.

Marlynn Schotland

Marlynn is a mom of two beautiful young kids, a business owner, loves cooking and baking, wine and cocktails, travel, and DIY projects. She showcases her adventures and work on her blog, UrbanBlissLife.

With Delta’s nonstop flight from Portland to Amsterdam, it’s possible to getaway and escape for just a few days! Don’t believe us? Marlynn will experience 3 days of Amsterdam’s Portland-like culture with a taste of Dutch heritage and history. She’ll eat chocolate, cheers a beer, ride a bike, sip on wine, eat her way through the city, and capture the breathtaking sights from Friday to Sunday.

By jumping on Delta’s nonstop flight from PDX to AMS, Marlynn will embark on the Next Stop Amsterdam; able to break away from her family and busy schedule, and fly to Europe on Friday, making it home in time to put the kids to sleep on Sunday.

She will showcase her adventures on the following platforms so follow her through Amsterdam this weekend:

Next Stop Amsterdam

 We will share her three-days of fantastic Amsterdam activities itinerary in May!





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