June 6, 2016

Portland to London, A-to-Zed

Anglophiles of the Pacific Northwest, we’ve got absolutely smashing news! Delta will offer nonstop seasonal flights to London four days per week starting in May of 2017. Here are 26 sights to see, shops to browse, and spots to hang that will make any PDX native feel right at home in London.


A is for the Animals at the London Zoo, with its beautiful new tiger enclosure and its famous “Lates”,  adult-only Friday night parties that tend to get wild.


B is for the Burgers at Mother Flippers. These street-food sensations are only available on Saturdays at a stall in the Brockley Market. One of their signature Dirty Barbies (double patty and double cheese with candy bacon and candy onions) will keep you full for a whole day of sightseeing.

C is for Clock, the one in London’s iconic Big Ben atop the Houses of Parliament.


D is for Doughnuts, because a true Portlander needs them wherever they go.  Try the Sea Salt Caramel Banana at Crosstown.

E is for the London Eye, the massive Ferris wheel that affords amazing views of the entire city, the perfect way to orient yourself on your first day.


F is for F*ckoffee, the most hipster of London’s many, many hipster coffee shops.  They have a Bitcoin ATM, a fantastic flat white, and mugs that might cause a stir in even the trendiest PDX office kitchen.  Locals made them add the asterisk to their sign.


G is for Graphic – a word well-earned by the colorful chic at design label Dark Room. Shop their showroom for the full effect.

H is for Hotel – you’ll need one that’s completely aces. How about the Ace Hotel, the place to hang in London’s hipster haven of Shoreditch? Since there’s one in Portland, too, you’ll feel right at home.


I is for Indie Rock.  One of your favorite indie bands from the Pacific Northwest will probably be playing a show in one of London’s dozens of rock clubs while you’re there. Here’s a list to help you sort them.


J is for Journey, because no Portlander goes anywhere to just stay inside.  You can start at the iconic Hyde Park, but we recommend a journey to Hampstead Heath to experience the truly English outdoors.

K is for King of Ife, a scuplted masterpiece of Nigerian art that represents one of the many one-of-a-kind artworks and historical artifacts at the British Museum.

L, quite obviously, is for London.  What may be less obvious is that The City of London is only 1.12 square miles in the heart of the sprawling metropolis that bears the same name.  It’s home to St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London, and the Tower Bridge.


M is for Material, a boutique for books, prints, and stationary that would fit right in on SE Division St.


N is for the Seven Noses of Soho, dotted around the neighborhood by sculptor Rick Buckley.  Keep London Weird!

O is for Old Operating Theatre, a truly unique slice of history preserved since the 19th century.  Imagine yourself as an apprentice apothecary, watching an amputation from the stands.

P is for Pictures, and London’s amazing array of independent cinemas in which to catch one. Start at Electric Cinema, where you’ll watch moving art wrapped in plush luxury.

Q is for Queen. Their are many sites throughout London to get your royal fix, including Kensington & Buckingham Palaces.


R is for Roots & Bulbs, London’s most popular post for fresh-pressed juices.

S is for Studio — Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is one of the most popular attractions in the whole city, with sold-out crowds coming to see the magic behind the Harry Potter film franchise.


T is for Tattoo, Portland’s favorite pastime.  Sang Bleu’s London studio hosts many of the United Kingdom’s best tattoo artists.

U-Chislehurst caves

U is for the Underground, and we’re not talking about London’s famous subway.  Journey deep into the weird world of the Chislehurst Caves, where the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin have played.


V is for Victoria and Albert Museum, a wide-ranging collection of masterpieces of human creation, including sculpture, painting, musical instruments, bridal fashions, swords, and the Great Bed of Ware, which is large enough to hold four couples.

W is for Westminster Abbey, where queens are crowned, princes are married, and kings are buried.

X is for Radio X, one of London’s best rock stations. There’s an amazing amount of rock history in London, including Abbey Road Studios, where the Beatles recorded almost all of their iconic songs.

Y is for York, one of the amazing destinations (like Oxford, Windsor, St. Albans, Stonehenge, or Cambridge) you can visit on a day trip from London. 


Z is for Zed, the proper English way to say the last letter of the alphabet. Here’s a list of British slang for you to brush up on during your direct flight to London on Delta – starting in May 2017!

Image Credits: Image from site linked at each entry unless noted here. Big Ben from Rough Trade from Noses from London Eye from

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