Amsterdam 2 Day Itinerary

May 16, 2016

Weekend Amsterdam Itinerary, Portland-Style

You want to get out of a town for a weekend and go somewhere far but do-able from Portland. So you sit down at your computer and look for deals out of Portland. All of a sudden, you discover that Delta Airlines has a nonstop flight from Portland to Amsterdam! You book your ticket and have to plan a 2-day perfect, crammed-pack itinerary in Amsterdam. We worked with a local influencer, Marlynn Schotland of Urban Bliss Life, to bring you the best itinerary – she would know, she tried it herself for a weekend in April.

First of all, we recommend traveling light, considering you’re taking a weekend getaway. Secondly, whether you depart on a Thursday or Friday, this itinerary will last you 2 days:

Amsterdam 2 Day ItineraryDay One

Arrive around 8:30am to the airport. Considering your light baggage, head directly to Morgan & Mees Hotel Restaurant for a beautiful breakfast to energize the day. Head to your hotel (we recommend Heemskerk Suites) and get settled. From there, take a cab to Mike’s Bike Tour for a leisurely and trendy 3-hour tour of the city. Once you’ve worked up your appetite, we recommend either Topaz or Beer Bar for a hearty lunch.

INSIDER TIP: Bring a poncho on the Bike Tour. They ride rain or shine and like a true Portland, you will relate to the Amsterdam weather.

For a taste of mouth-watering chocolate, that happens to also be headquartered in Portland, head to Tony Chocolonely and visit Maudi to try some rich flavors and hear about the relationship with Portland. To end a pretty close-to-perfect day, try something eclectic and sign-up for a dinner with a local artist at his or her home studio.

Amsterdam Bike RentalDay Two

You may not have done much activity yet to earn this indulgence, however we still give you permission to explore your palette with the Hungry Hikers Street Food Tour. Once you’ve had your share of local delicacies, relax in a food coma on a City Canal Cruise Tour, which have been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status.

WARNING: You may want a nap at this point, so just do it.

Wake up from your siesta to a glass of wine at a local winery or wine bar before dinner. We’ll let you flex some creativity and find one on your own that appeals to you.

For dinner, we highly recommend you go Amsterdam native at D’Vijff Vlieghen for some classic Dutch dishes in a 1600’s Canal House.

INSIDER TIP: Make a reservation as soon as you book your trip.

Now get some sleep before your flight back to Portland in the morning!

We can guarantee you will come back from this flash weekend getaway with Instagram worthy content, a full stomach, and a genuine appreciation and feel for the city of Amsterdam.

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    Rai Mckenzie posted on June 20, 2016 at 2:02 am

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    Randall Butler posted on June 29, 2016 at 7:25 pm

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