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May 31, 2017

Winning Photo

Announcing the PDX to London Mural Photo Contest Winner!

Winning Photo

Over 1.2 million people saw the 3-D mural in Portland’s Director Park celebrating the inaugural nonstop flight on Delta between PDX and London’s Heathrow Airport.  Almost 500 people stopped to pose and enter the #PDXtoLondonContest on social media, hoping to be selected by a panel of judges to win two free tickets to London.

Among many outstanding, entertaining, and extremely creative entries, the judges chose the above entry posted by Edwin Trejo.  Congratulations!

Below are more of the many great entries posted.  If you did not get a chance to see the mural, you can meet a London Guard in person by flying nonstop on Delta to London.  Book your tickets at

With crumpets in our beards and teacups in hand, we give a nod to our favorite town across the pond. #PDXtoLondonContest #delta

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We trust that we'll be in good hands with Delta! #pdxtolondoncontest . . . . #pdx #london #delta #travel

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Portland is steady changing and it annoys me sometimes. Like, why does it take 30 minutes to get from NW 23rd to Grand Ave by car via Burnside?! But spring reminds me that this city's beauty is unmatched. It's why everyone wants to move here. These are the revelations I have upon leaving the Rose City. Traveling makes me appreciate my hometown so much more. We truly are fortunate to live in Oregon with all the great natural wonders just a short excursion away. But I'll keep testing this theory that leaving Portland draws me closer. I'm taking my very first trip to New York at the end of the month and hopefully London shortly after… Word is, you can now fly direct from Portland to London on Delta Airlines. Or @delta can send your girl to London to sip tea and hang out with her blogger friends. Maybe? #travelgram #pdxtolondoncontest

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