January 4, 2017

7 Ways to Travel Better in 2017

Don’t miss out next time you hop on a plane. In 2016, brands worked hard in to make technology even more accessible in airplane mode, while others created products designed to make an airplane cabin feel like your living room. Read on to prepare for the best nonstop flight of your life!

1. Downloadable NetflixIn-flight entertainment is good, but it can’t quite beat an in-flight binge-watching session. Now you can download movies and tv shows onto your phone/tablet through the Netflix app. Don’t know where to start? Try The Crown, Chef’s Table, Travelers, Stranger Things, Portlandia, Sherlock… or start checking movies off of this list.

2. Downloadable Spotify Playlists: Can’t get into a movie? Paralyzed by indecision? Tilt your seat back, plug in your headphones and leave the stressful choices of the Netflix “trending” list behind while you listen to these curated playlists:

3. PodcastsMaybe you want to use all those in-flight hours to educate yourself, instead of chilling out. If that’s the case, start with this list of podcasts you need to hear to this year:

4. Better HeadphonesWhether you choose to listen to a movie, tv show, music, or a podcast, you’re going to need good headphones. Because, let’s face it, the ones that come with your phone do not cancel out any noise. It’s 2017 – you should invest in a good pair of headphones. Once you try a pair, you’ll never go back. Some of our favorites can be found here and here.  

5. Game-changing suitcases: Fly in style, with these awesome suitcases, fit for every kind of traveler.

6. Delta Mobile App: Get the app, download your pass to Apple Wallet, iPad, or your Android phone, and never print a boarding pass again.

7. TSA Pre✓: If you aren’t already signed up for this, apply now and never wait in a security line again. It’s amazing. TSA Pre Check saves you time and stress and keeps you moving when you’re getting ready to fly.

Want more travel hacks? Check out this roundup of travel tech that might be making it to the market in 2017.

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