February 29, 2016

Keep Amsterdam Weird

While it hosts a smaller population of people than Portland by about 2.4M, Amsterdam boasts 180 different nationalities within the city limits. With a different language, home-continent, and history, you would find it hard to believe Amsterdam and Portland have so much in common, however, they share culture!

Keep Portland Weird is a slogan that is very much engrained in our Pacific Northwest city, promoting individuality, expressionism, local art, and atypical lifestyle choices. As a traveler in Amsterdam, you may experience deja-vu and feel surprisingly at home. Here are some examples of how the destination also embraces the Keep Amsterdam Weird mentality:



Image credit: Lizzie Davey

Art runs in the Netherlands’ DNA: The art scene is bustling. A visit to one of Amsterdam’s many art galleries is a great way to spend an afternoon. And at art fairs such as the Amsterdam Art Fair, the Affordable Art FairRealisme and Art in Redlight, locals showcase the newest developments in the Dutch and international art scene.


Image credit: sergeydolya.livejournal.com

Image credit: sergeydolya.livejournal.com

Amsterdam is an active city: Amsterdammers regard their bicycles as a primary means of transportation for everything from themselves to their children, and their briefcases to groceries! Sound familiar? They take it a step beyond though as there is a serious roller-skating scene. It’s almost like they’re stuck in the 90’s too. Rent your bike.




Image credit: Alamy


Eyes for bargains: Amsterdam houses many bargain stores and used-fashion trends. Locals like their deals, sales, and most of all, free goodies! Shop like a local.


L C PeopleCulture Marie Charlotte Peze

Image credit: Marie Charlotte Pezé


Down to earth: Dutchies tend to downplay their wealth and even frown upon those who flaunt it. No materialism or superficiality here!



Image credit: pthread1981 via Flickr.


Foodies & Breweries: Amsterdam breeds foodies and craft breweries as well! Here are the 10 best restaurants 2016. A must-do on any Amsterdam trip is the Beer-Bar-Bike Crawl. Obviously Portland’s beer game is strong, but enjoy the Dutch version and immerse yourself into the many Amsterdam local breweries, tasting houses, and well-stocked craft beer bars.


On opposite sides of the world, Amsterdam and Portland may not share everything, but they do share culture! Staying weird is their game, and with Delta’s nonstop flight, Amsterdam is just a hop, skip and jump away from Portland, for a weekend adventure to physically leave Portland, and still feel at home. Go explore!

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