February 6, 2017

The Most Romantic Date You’ll Ever Plan: London

Dreaming of international romance? With nonstop flights from Portland to London only 5 months away, there’s no better time to start planning a romantic sojourn with your sweetheart. To kickstart your itinerary, we’ve rounded up the most romantic destinations in London.

Pancras Station in London: Grab your better half, head to this train station and steal a kiss under an iconic giant statue of two smooching lovers. You’ll feel like a character in a black-and-white film, wrapped up in that final lovers’ embrace before heading off on a tragic journey.

Gordon’s Wine Bar: It doesn’t get more intimate than sharing a good bottle of wine with your sweetheart in a hundred-year-old cellar surrounded by Dickension decor.

Connaught Hotel Bar: For a date night with a fancier feel, head to this hotel bar and prepare to be transported into a 1960’s James Bond movie. Glitzy art deco stylings and hidden booths will have you feeling like a stylish spy before your appetizer arrives.

Whispering Gallery (St. Paul’s Cathedral): If you’re willing to climb 259 steps to reach the top of the ornate cathedral dome, you’ll be rewarded with the chance to whisper sweet nothings that your significant other will never forget. The unique acoustics of the dome allow a whisper from one side to be completely, physics-defyingly audible 100 feet away on the other side.

Kensington Gardens: From its conception as hunting grounds by Henry VIII to its setting as Peter Pan’s playground, this famed park is brimming with iconic sights and landmarks. Stroll between the roses while you soak in the rich history, hand in hand.

Clos Maggiore: For a fairytale date night, step into this little oasis of French cuisine inside Convent Garden. Prepare to be swept off your feet by the atmosphere alone – you’ll dine under a canopy of cherry blossoms, which are shrouded by a glass ceiling through which you can see glimpses of the night sky between pink petals.

The Shard: This ultra-modern structure is home to six restaurants, a hotel, and a shopping center, all surrounded by earth-shattering floor-to-ceiling views of the city. Big spenders can book a room to spend the night surrounded by the London lights (the rest of us can head to the cupcake shop for an inexpensive viewing experience).

Electric Cinema: This Notting Hill institution has been around for over 100 years and has the charming baroque architecture to prove it. Early arrivers can snag one of the vintage red velvet couches in the front row for a cuddlefest for the history books.

What other sights would you want to see on a romantic London date night?

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