March 30, 2016

Preview your next vacation right here in PDX!


Can’t decide whether to take a trip to Tokyo or get away from it all in Amsterdam? Before you decide which I Fly Nonstop destination to book tickets for, get a taste of your destination right here in Portland.

Image credit: Smaaken Waffles via Facebook.


If Smaaken Waffles doesn’t make your mouth drool, we don’t know what will. Smaaken Waffles is self proclaimed “Portland’s tasty waffle sandwich food cart,” and we agree. It’s all in the name – ‘smaaken’ is Dutch for ‘tasty,’ and it’s all delicious. Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or are craving something savory, the waffle ingredients and toppings are locally sourced with gluten free with vegan options available, too.



Image credit: Nina H. via Yelp.


Looking for authentic Japanese tea and foods that don’t require a reservation? Head to Behind the Museum Café for homemade sweets, sandwiches, Japanese beers, sakés, teas, and appetizers paired with a quiet place to read, journal, or just relax. Did we mention that they have have a matcha parfait to die for?



Image credit: K-Rock Design via Flickr.


Let’s not forget about one of Portland’s staples – Koffie! That’s right, we’re proud of our coffee culture here in Portland, but it’s just as big in Amsterdam. According to this 2014 study, The Netherlands, on average, drink over 1,145 cups of coffee per year per capita, while the United States as a whole only drinks 369 cups per year per capita!



Image credit: @aussielb via Instagram.


Sushi, ramen, miso – Oh my! Tokyo chain restaurants have made their presence in the US – with Portland being their first stop. There are countless Japanese restaurants in Portland that are worth tasting – including a few Tokyo Ramen chains that have recently opened up (Afuri, Shigezo, and Marukin). It’s hard for us to decide which is our favorite, because they’re all so delicious! What’s your favorite Japanese restaurant in Portland?



Image credit: mhiran1 via Flickr.


The Japanese ambassador to the U.S., Nobuo Matsunaga, said “I believe this garden to be the most authentic Japanese garden, including those in Japan,” about our very own Portland Japanese Garden. In 2004, the Journal of Japanese Gardening ranked it second out of 300 public Japanese gardens. The garden, composed of more than 5.5 acres of 5 sub gardens, provides a sense of peace, harmony, and tranquility to experience the feeling of being a part of nature. Need we say more?


Is there another location in Portland that reminds of you of The Netherlands or Japan? Let us know by commenting below or telling us on our I Fly Nonstop Facebook page!


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